LOCATION: Coventry 

SAVING: £1600 p/y 

INSTALL: Variety of LED bulbs & Fittings 

B.E.S.T Compliance Ltd was issued an instruction to undertake an investigation for a EPC upgrade on a Industrial premises in Coventry. 
We undertook a preliminary EPC and found that this Building as it stood came out as a low end Grade D falling almost to an E grade. 
The client was of particular concern over the EPC rating of his building and the cost of his lighting bill. 
From an initial walk around it was clear the lighting system had not really been touched since the 1990's. 
The Lighting wattage combined came to a whopping 4.12kW, for the size of the property this was a high amount, however it resembles the energy used for the lighting system from that particular period.  
BEST established and addressed this problem immediately using our specialist lighting knowledge accompanied with our Expert EPC knowledge we knew the most cost efficient solution to gain the required goal. 
New building specific LED lighting was fitted throughout the building for a low cost of just under £1600 and the EPC grade was then upgraded, when all was fitted the EPC came to a mid level Grade C. 
The client also beneifted with a reduced loading to just over a 1kW, a massive 3Kw per hour saving.  
This saved our client almost £1600 a year with a payback period of 12 months.  
The total saving for the project over the life time £14,000. 

LOCATION: Stourbridge 

SAVING: £1500 p/y 

INSTALL: Low Bay lighting, Down lights and T8 Tubes 

BEST Compliance undertook a commercial EPC on a warehouse built in 1995. The building at time of survey was still using the as built specification from 1995. 
The Offices were served heating wise by a combi boiler with a lighting system standard from that time era. 
We were asked to look at the EPC upgrade potential of the property and cost saving through energy savings. 
BEST Compliance knew straight away that the most ideal way to improve the EPC and reduce lighting costs would be to install LED Lights, and using our specific skill sets and knowledge we specified the correct bulb types. 
The EPC raised from a D grade to a B grade
The lighting installation cost a small amount of £2000. Reducing the load of lighting down by 70%. 
The saving per year would be £1500 a year and a pay back period of just 16 Months

LOCATION: Cradley Heath 

Saving £143 a year 

INSTALL: T8 LED tubes, bulk head and B22 bulb. 

B.E.S.T. was asked to undertake a commercial EPC for a small storage unit.  
The EPC came out as a low D grade, the landlord however wished to have a better EPC grade than the properties around him so that he could market the property with a distict advantage. 
The unit had minimal heating and ventilation equipment as it was being marketed as an shell unit.  
the only possible upgrades that could be done was through the lighting, the current lighting mainly consisted of T8 4ft 52w tubes. 
B.E.S.T manged to research and source the best possible lighting for the client, this was mainly switching to T8 LED tubes, which the landlord could do himself without any professional tradesman. 
The cost of the fittings came to £180, with a saving of £143 a year to give a payback period of as little as 15 Months. 
The clients further joy was that he had a life cycle saving of around £2900
The EPC grade rose from a D to a C grade giving the Landlord the edge over somilar properties in the area. 
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